Rick Raddatz, the internet marketing genius who brought you Instant Teleseminar, and Xiosoft, as well as many other internet based services, is launching a new site: Profit Profit Profit

He likens it to Match.com, as a place were small businesses can meet together with other business owners to make more money!

Click on the link above to see for yourself!


Who is Rick Raddatz?

Rick Raddatz is an acclaimed entrepreneur, who is most famous for inventing web based tools that help businesses to make a profit. From 1988 to 2000, he served as a Microsoft technical consultant. Frequently, in this role, he worked directly with Bill Gates, as well as other top executives. At Microsoft, he consulted with Chief Information Officers at more than one-hundred Fortune 500 firms. After leaving Microsoft in 2000, he went on to launch a quartet of internet businesses worth millions of dollars. His most successful business is InstantTeleseminar.com, which is an internet conference call service aimed at small business owners.

In 2007, Raddatz turned his attention to America’s political strife. With his philosophical background, he realized that the political divides were far more pronounced than many people thought. Given his significant business experience, he set about developing a philosophy that would have a pragmatic, real world application.

Thus, Raddatz placed his businesses into the care of a colleague and began to travel around America. He spoke to individuals from all walks of life, who had a wide range of different political views. The people he chatted to just thought that he was an average guy in a bar discussing politics. What they failed to realize was that he was taking on board all their concerns and analyzing every issue.

Pentanomics is the end result of this, which  is a unique theory of government offering a fresh insight into human nature. This theory seamlessly combines left wing, right wing and center ground ideologies. Consequently, Raddatz claims that he has created a positive future vision for US democracy, and a feasible blueprint to get the country there. If this is true, then America is nearer to economic, social and political harmony than was previously imagined.

In 2013, Raddatz returned to business by launching ProfitProfitProfit.com. This is an affordable service, which uses a peer network to assist small business owners with goal setting and mental focus to make them more productive. All in all, Rick Raddatz is an internet marketer to watch. His uncanny knack for anticipating future market trends makes him a dynamic, exciting and inspiring modern entrepreneur.